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Cigar Ashtray Handmade Crystal Glass Windproof Design and Heavyweight


 Cigar Ashtray Handmade Crystal Glass Windproof Design and Heavyweight

  • Handmade and heavyweight: 2.57 pounds - 1166 grams. Ideal for bars, restaurants, pools, indoor and outdoor entertainment, daily use or home decor.
  • Windproof: heavy enough for patio, outdoor and deck. Large groove to keep cigar steady
  • Perfect gift idea: Father's Day birthday, new job, whisky, gift for cigar lovers.
  • Professional quality: made in Turkey by master hand. Beautiful contemporary glassware for a modern life using the highest quality crystalline glass.
  • Dimensions: length: 190 mm - 7 ½ inches, width: 90 mm - 3 ½ inches, height: 35 mm - 1 ½ inches.

 The main feature of lead-free premium crystal is that the minerals contained in it strengthen the material and allow it to produce extremely durable yet incredibly refined and wafer-thin glassware.

 Real crystal glass captures light and delivers brilliance, high transparency, clarity and extreme purity. Handmade heavy cigar ashtray is a stylish and eye-catching centrepiece for any standing table, buffet, sideboard, deck or patio.

 It has excellent size and durability and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Best of all, the ashtray is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

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