Change and self-discovery are funny things. Sometimes it happens all at once, and sometimes it takes forever. Often enough, you don’t know it’s coming and may not appreciate the timing. One of the defining moments of my life occurred all at once.  I didn’t ask for it, but here it was—that change and transformation happened at the intersection of actual streets; Citrus and Arrow.  And so, I honor that change by naming this company after this event that occurred at an intersection. So for fans of fruit and archery, sorry to disappoint.

The wonky name aside, Citrus Arrow is at its heart a coffee company.   We roast small-batch coffees that are not roasted until the day we send them to you.    We don’t operate a massive warehouse that stores bags upon bags of coffee picked off a shelf and sent to you after they’ve been there for six months.   Instead, we send you coffee that was just plucked from our roaster and bagged just for you.   

We also show up at local events, so keep your eyes peeled.  Or, FOLLOW THE ARROW!